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Dawes Home EvanstonEvanston is a great place to live, play, shop, go to school and to raise a family.  Located on Chicago’s North Shore of Lake Michigan, it is unique in its size and diversity, opportunities,  location, being steeped in history, and loved by so many.

Evanston business owner, musician and singer, father and husband, John Adamson offers a unique insight and passion to his business and the area he in which he lives. Need information before you make a move? Whether it is school, community or general real estate information, John can get it for you quickly. John maintains an extensive list of local hand-picked service providers and tradesmen who have worked for him and his clients. John knows Evanston real estate like no one else.

If you’d like to make an appointment to see Evanston properties for sale, to list your property or to ask a question, please call me at 847-791-7995 or email me. I would love to share my Evanston with you.

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